Fundraiser for Al Otro Lado

People’s Market is holding a fundraiser for Al Otro Lado starting now until the end of the semester. We accept all forms of payments for donation including DINING DOLLARS! If you have a lot of leftover dining dollars that will run out in a week and a half, put them to a good cause.

Al Otro Lado is an organization with locations in Tijuana, LA, and San Diego with multiple programs that support migrants such as their Border Rights Project. “Al Otro Lado’s Border Rights Project hosts know-your-rights training and legal orientation workshops in migrant shelters in Tijuana, Mexico, and provides direct legal representation to detained asylum seekers in Southern California. The program documents human rights violations committed against asylum seekers at the port-of-entry and inside immigration detention, and the project’s data has been cited by Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and Human Rights First.” Other programs include Medical-Legal Partnership, Deportee Program, Litigation Program, and Technical Assistance.

YCMP Campaign

Folks at People’s Market are working on making YCMPs available here, and we need to gather as much data as possible to demonstrate that there is a need for us to accept YCMPs. Please fill out our survey and support us in reaching our goal of making People’s Market more accessible to students and faculty with meal plans.



Let us cater your next event!

People’s Market proudly provides catering services for your on-campus meetings and events. We offer a wide assortment of food and beverages, including delicious cookies, tea breads, bagels, Dean’s Beans organic coffee, hot tea, and iced chai!

If you are interested in placing an order with us, email us at and let us know! Please provide your name, the date, time, and location of the event, the number of guests you expect, and contact information.

If you are representing a department, RSO, CSD agency or GSS, please fill out this catering form!

Our friendly and professional staff will take care of preparation, transportation, setup, and cleanup, leaving you free to ensure that your event is a success. We look forward to catering your next event!

Dean’s Beans

All of the coffee we brew is from Dean’s Beans in Orange, Massachusetts. Dean’s Beans motto is, “Specialty coffee as a vehicle for positive change.”

Working with Dean’s Beans, People’s provides organic coffee, that is ethically sourced to the UMass community. Our relationship with Dean’s allows us to provide our customers with delicious blends of fair trade, 100 percent organic coffee.

Ethical farming and harvesting practices are important to Dean’s Beans and People’s Market. At Dean’s Beans they believe that these practices start with the farmers. Dean himself visits the harvest sites to meet with the farmers.

Fair Trade is a company foundation for Dean’s Beans.

From Dean’s Beans website, here is their approach to Fair Trade:

  • Purchase directly from the co-ops, not through middlemen
  • Purchase at or above the international Fair Trade price
  • Co-design and fund People-Centered Development projects with each of our coffee cooperative partners that are managed by the farmers themselves
  • Pre-finance bean purchases whenever financially feasible
  • Commit to an independent, 3rd party, public audit of our Fair Trade practices

Dean’s Beans blends that People’s Market brews:

Arctic Sunrise (a medium-dark blend, mild, and sweet with a strong finish), Columbian (a medium roast, Floral aroma, full deep flavor, chocolate caramel), French Vanilla Kiss (a medium roast, nutty with a creamy vanilla essence and aroma), Full Moon (a medium-dark blend, sweet, chocolate with a roasty finish), Hazelnut Dream (a medium roast, accentuated hazelnut nuttiness, lingering finish with a subtle hint of dreams), Mexican Chiapas (a medium roast, sweet cinnamon, pleasing acidity, smooth finish), Moka Java (a medium roast, thick and buttery mouthfeel, with notes of vanilla, blueberry and herbal undertones), and Ring of Fire (a dark roast, bold and earthy, smoky finish).

Whether your favorite mug is full of French Vanilla Kiss with honey and soy milk, Arctic Sunrise with cream and sugar, or Ring of Fire with cinnamon and skim milk Dean’s Beans and People’s Market are here to keep you caffeinated! Bring your own mug for a discounted cup of joe, hot or iced!

Tandem Bagel Company

At People’s Market, the co-managers get asked a lot of questions about our bagels.  Where do we buy our bagels from? What’s our favorite bagel? What’s our favorite spread? We’d like to do a market spotlight on Tandem Bagel Company in Easthampton, Massachusetts where we buy our bagels! The bagels are baked fresh every morning for People’s Market!

People’s Market carries a variety of bagels:

Plain, Everything, Onion, Salt, Parmesan, Pretzel,  Whole Wheat, Whole Wheat Everything, Jalapeno, Cinnamon Raisin, Blueberry, French Toast, Snickerdoodle

The Market also carries deluxe bagels with a slice of cheese baked on top:

Asiago, Wild Cheddar, Cheesy Garlic, Hot & Spicy

Tandem Bagel Company supplies our cream cheese as well:

Chive, Garden Vegetable, Vanilla, Jalapeno, Honey Walnut, Plain

The bagels also pair well with:

Earth Balance butter, Go Veggie vegan cream cheese, hummus, Chao vegan cheese (tomato cayenne, coconut herb, & original), Field Roast vegetarian deli slices (lentil sage & roasted tomato), or fresh greens.

Some of our customers’ favorite bagel pairings are Wild Cheddar with Chive cream cheese, Plain with Chao original and hummus, Blueberry with Vanilla cream cheese, and Hot & Spicy with Jalapeno. The sk is the limit with your combinations!

Customers also put cream cheese on Tandem’s tea breads. The Morning Glory, a spice loaf with carrots and pineapple, pairs nicely with a smear of honey walnut or vanilla cream cheese. The Orange Cranberry and a cup of herbal tea is a great afternoon snack. A toasted slice of Blueberry tea bread is heavenly!

Tea bread flavors:

Morning Glory, Lemon, Orange Cranberry, Banana, Pumpkin, & Blueberry

People’s Market also stocks Tandem cookies for an afternoon (or morning) sugar rush:

M&M, Oatmeal Raisin, Oatmeal Chocolate Walnut, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Chocolaty Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle, & Peanut Butter Chocolate Swirl

People’s Market has been in cooperation since 1973. As UMass Amherst’s oldest student run co-op, we love to support our community by sourcing locally and ethically from the Pioneer Valley. We are grateful for our relationship with Tandem Bagel Company that allows us to supply the UMass community with the best bagels in the Pioneer Valley.